Conferenze - 20/10/2010

A paper on Pinocchio 2.0 project presented at SIe-L 2010

A paper on Pinocchio 2.0 project presented at SIe-L 2010
22nd of October 2010, Milan - Conference SIe-L 2010. Here we present the paper "From reality to abstraction and from abstraction to reality: Educational robotics, a a cognitive tool". It underlines the project Pinocchio 2.0.

VII National Congress, SIe-L - Italian e-Learning Society

Designing new learning communities: skills, services and innovationSiel 2010 is an important Italian conference, the main theme  of this year is "Designing new learning communities: skills, services and innovation"

The article submitted to SIe-L  by some teachers and by Emanuele Micheli and Fiorella Operto, of School of Robotics,  is presented in the session Pedagogical and Educational Innovation. The focus of the article  by Linda Giannini (teacher of IC Don Milani, Latina), Donatella Merlo (MCE, Turin), Emanuele Micheli and Fiorella Operto (School of Robotics) is on the project  Pinocchio 2.0.

This project was described by the authors with these words:

The Project, started many years ago and often updated with news from 2.0., holds information, images, drawings, free softwares, robotics, virtual worlds, pictures, “divergent histories”, suggestions, songs, films, memories, curiosities, games, links. It takes origin from Pinocchio, Coppelia or Narnia and from all the lifeless objects/subjects who, as if by magic, become alive thanks to the bridges built among students from infant school to university, italian or not. Fantasy and creativity are the strong points.