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E-Skills Week 2012 in Italy: In full gear!

E-Skills Week 2012 in Italy: In full gear!
The European Center for Women&Technology and her National Contact Points are organizing several Europeanwide activities in the frame of the e-skills week. The School of Robotics, associated of the ECWT, and its networks are applying for many interesting events in educational robotics field.

e-skills week 2012

The European Center for Women&Technology and her National Contact Point in Italy welcome and promote all the initiatives enouraging an awarness raising campaign on the use of digital technologies to reduce youth unemployment. The School of Robotics is a member of ECWT.

What is it?

It is a European awarness campaign for:

  • Providing a platform for awareness raising on e-skills at European level;
  • Stimulating partnerships through the promotion and coordination of activities;
  • Developing joint communication and awareness activities with public authorities and stakeholders as well as encouraging the organisation of self-funded national events and communication activities with the aim achieving high visibility and impact;
  • Providing a wide public with consistent information.

The e-skills week wes launched to help Europe’s youth seize the best job opportunities generated through digital technology, the European Commission will deliver an awareness raising campaign from 26-30 March 2012. The European e-Skills Week seeks to address how we can reduce youth unemployment – which has peaked at over 40% in some member states and is generally at around 22% across the EU – through obtaining the right types of e-Skills for the digital economy.

Communications, journalism and audio visual students or recent graduates from universities across the EU are invited to participate in the European e-Skills Week Project Passion Competition. Project Passion is a fun and potentially career launching initiative designed to inspire young people to create exciting communications on a theme that is top of mind amongst all young graduates in Europe – how to win a job.