Eventi, Notizie - 25/03/2012

The e-shills week: SME in Europe_ Go Digital!

The e-shills week: SME in Europe_ Go Digital!
The e-Skills Week 2012 is a European campaign focused on showing people how to get jobs through e-skills in the digital age. Building on the success of e-Skills Week 2010, the DG for Enterprise and Industry has again teamed up with DIGITAL EUROPE and European Schoolnet, to drive awareness of the need for e-skills and their benefits.

Technology skills are vital to help drive a competitive and innovative Europe. The European e-Skills Week 2012 (click on this link for further details) campaign highlights the growing need for skilled ICT users and professionals, as well as the range of opportunities that ICT-related jobs present. Here you will find information about how you can get involved in the hundreds of training events, competitions and activities taking place across more than 30 European countries this year.

The European e-Skills Week 2012 has launched with the official Stakeholder Opening Event in Brussels on March 19 2012. Some 200 delegates representing the worlds of young entrepreneurs, industry, government and educations congregated at the European Economic Committee, to hear from expert speakers across a range of themes critical to this year’s campaign.

The e-Skills Week closing event will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 30 March 2012. The event will highlight and reward best e-Skills practice observed throughout the campaign and present recommendations to ensure the sustainability of the event.