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The International Youth Library "E. De Amicis"

Biblioteca De AmicisThe International Youth Library “Edmondo De Amicis” of the Genoa Municipality (Italy), is located in Genoa, in the Porto Antico Bay Area. The Old Harbour Area itself is rich in history: Genoa was at the centre of ancient traffic, especially in the 4th century A.D., when Milan was elected capital of the Empire and did not cease to be so even though historiographical sources are scarce as late as the early Middle Ages. The trade that Genoa had with the entire Mediterranean, coincides with the history of a landing place that followed the path of the innovations in the structure of ships and the means of loading and unloading goods, modifying the coastline and the port structures, with incessant adaptations and new interventions.During the 20th century, the port traffic moved more and more to the Western part of the city and the old area remained practically unused until the restructuring in 1992 by Renzo Piano gave it back to the community.

The International Youth Library “Edmondo De Amicis” is hosted in the Old Wharf area, in the Magazzini del Cotone Building (the old Cotton Warehouse) and is one of the leading and well provided European Library specialized in books for children and young teens. It is one of Europe's first libraries dedicated to children and teens, from 0 to 18 years giving prominence to publications and illustrations dedicated to children and young people, as well as activities which promote reading combining children's imagination and new technologies.

Since 2005 the International Youth Library “Edmondo De Amicis” and the School of Robotics are cooperating in synergetic projects about books and robots. School of Robotics has proposed the development of a “Robotics assisted Readings” for children, employing small robots to support the reading of the books, while the Library’s Staff founded many new ways to fostering an interest in reading among children employing these small robots.

In 2009 the De Amicis Library hosted - and collaborate to – the first edition of the “Week of the Tales about Robots” (Raccontare I robot). In 2010, this joyful and rich Week of events was again hosted in the Library, as will be in 2011.