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ECSELECSEL (European Centre for Science, Ethics and Law) a non profit organisation, is the centre for ethics and law of life sciences and new technologies, which studies and analyses, since 2004, the bioethical, biojuridical and biopolitical implications of innovation technologiesECSEL carries out activities of research, education and scientific dissemination knowledge, as well as consultancy in the field of bioethics and biolaw.

To this aim, ECSEL:- promotes and supports the NetWork of BioLaw and BioEthics, of which are part University chairs, research centers and single researchers, both Italian and foreign, as well as Partners of ECSEL:

  • carries out education activities in the field of bioethics and biolaw through its School of BioLaw;- promotes and carries out conferences and publications
  • enhances, through ad hoc conventions, the scientific and educational projects carried out by Universities, research institutions and other legal subjects, public and private
  • provides, to enterprises and organizations acting in life sciences and new technologies, strategic consultancy for the creation of ethics committees, the elaboration of ethical codes, the assignment of “ethics quality mark” and the definition of modality of association and scientific communication

In 2009, ECSEL and the School of Robotics signed an Agreement Protocol aimed at establishing a common ground for educational and disseminational activities. Robotics, especially health robotics, is already rising some bioethical issues.

The collaboration between roboticists and bioethicists is indeed fundamental in designing a roadmap of future ethical and social issues in biorobothics.

Even though there has been a public and stakeholder debate on nanobioethics in Italy for several years, this discussion is not very visible on an international level. In 2002, Professor Luca Marini, President of the ECSEL, took the initiative for a working group of the Italian National Bioethics Committee on nanosciences and nanotechnology, converging technologies and other new technologies.

School of Robotics attended the following ECSEL’s events introducing issues in Roboethics/Bioethbics:

  • 15 July 2009, “L’Etica del Nuovo: Nanotecnologie, Neuroscienze, RoboEtica” (“Ethics of the New: Nanotechnology, Neuroscience and RoboEthics”), ECSEL, Rome,
  • First National Conference on Human Enhancement. (Doctor, I want a bionic body! Cybernetic and Biorobotics for Human Enhancement), Rome, 1st of December 2009, Conference Room of Montecitorio, 123/A.