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The "Marino Golinelli" Foundation

Fondazione GolinelliThe "Marino Golinelli" Foundation was established by Marino Golinelli in 1988, when the University of Bologna was celebrating nine centuries since its foundation. Its field of action includes all areas of biomedical and biotechnological sciences, with their numerous scientific, social, moral and legal implications.The activities of the Foundation include scientific research, education, monitoring of public understanding of Life Sciences; in particular molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology – in order to promote a positive perception of science, for a higher critical awareness towards scientific development.

As a matter of fact, the continuous and accelerating development of genetic research and biotechnology is a new frontier, bound to deeply influence our society in its moral, social and political shaping.

Bridging the gap between Science and Society, during the last 5 years the "Golinelli" Foundation has organized science events, exhibitions, hands-on and laboratory activities, cafè scientifique and conferences concerning sciences, scientific applications in general, scientific knowledge management, ethic of science and so on.  Their aim is to engage Cities and citizens in science debate.

Since 2003 the "Marino Golinelli" Foundation and the School of Robotics are cooperating in the frames of the "Un Pozzo di Scienza" (The Wealth of Knowledge) and "La Scienza in Piazza" (Science in the City) , two well followed events comprising of scientific conferences, scientific theatre and educational activities taking place every year in the Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy.