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17/05/2019 - News, Projects

The IDEA Project in Sardinia: how to innovate education. The responsible use of digital technologies

The IDEA Project in Sardinia: how to innovate education. The responsible use of digital technologies
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The IDEA project is an integral part of Sardinia's regional program Tutti a Iscol @. IDEA was born from the experience gained by the Educational Technology group of CRS4 of Sardinia in the project Tutti a Iscol @ Linea B2.

During the three-year period 2015/2018, numerous extra-curricular didactic laboratories had been activated in schools in Sardinia, with an innovative didactic approach in the use of digital technologies. Now, with Tutti a Iscol @ Linea B3 IDEA, there is the will to experiment with the use of digital technologies with teachers. So that the knowledge and the innovative practices are anchored to the curricular activities, becoming heritage of the school.

The events began on May 13, 2019 with the webinar "Making good use of educational robotics" (5.00 pm - 6.00 pm), held by Emanuele Micheli, President of the School of Robotics.

It continues May 16 at the comprehensive school of Abbasanta (4.00pm-5.30pm) with the theoretical-practical seminar "Scenarios of immersive teaching and augmented reality". The teacher and digital animator Elisabetta Buono will present examples of applications, authentic tasks, immersive and motivating activities.

Another appointment is the double seminar on May 28th at the "G. Brotzu "of Quartu Sant’Elena. From 3.00 pm to 4.40 pm the teacher of letters Anna Rita Vizzari will present "Escape Room in the Didactics", explaining to the public the characteristics of this interesting virtual environment (and not), useful for teachers to acquire specific skills for students and students. Afterwards, from 4.45 pm to 6.00 pm the university professor of experimental pedagogy Giuliano Vivanet will hold the seminar "Technologies to learn: take decisions informed by evidence".

On June 6th (17.00-18.00) the appointment is with the webinar "The age of artificial intelligence, between cybersecurity and myths to debunk". Davide Ariu, CEO of Pluribus One, spin-off of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Cagliari, will deal with the subject, both topical and little known. The cycle of IDEA webinars ends on June 24th (5.00 pm - 6.00 pm) with the intervention of the philosophy teacher Angelo De Falco: "Technology at the service of the school: the role of planning". Considering that technology alone does not solve problems, much less those of the school, this will be the occasion to reflect on the centrality of pedagogical design in innovative teaching.

The program continues on June 28 with the seminar "Artificial Intelligence at the service of the school: scenarios and opportunities" held at the conference hall Lo Quarter of Alghero (6.00 pm - 8.00 pm). Fiorella Operto, Past President of the School of Robotics, and the researcher and lecturer Lorenzo Baraldi, of the Image Lab of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, will address the topic of AI from both a humanistic and a techno-scientific perspective. The last scheduled seminar deals with a delicate issue, difficult to address and of crucial importance: "Network education: the role of the school".

The appointment is for 2 July (9.00 - 12.30) at the "Michele Giua" Institute in Cagliari. Speeches by Maria Grazia De Matteis, Regional Ombudsman for Children and Adolescents, Giorgio Giacinto, professor of computer engineering at the University of Cagliari and Francesco Paolo Micozzi, lawyer expert in computer science and new technologies, are planned. De Matteis will address the issue of child protection, Giacinto will present the technical aspects of the network, as well as his opportunities, and Micozzi will address the topic of legal protection for the school and students.

To participate in webinars it is necessary to register by clicking on the link corresponding to the event You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the link to connect to the exact time of the event. Those wishing to participate in seminars can report directly to the appointment, or register with Eventbrite through the events section of our website or the Facebook page / iscolalineab3IDEA /. The registration will allow to obtain the participation certificate.



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