Scuola di Robotica

Scuola di Robotica

The Emanuele Luzzati Museum

Museo LuzzatiThe Emanuele Luzzati Museum has been inside the Old Port of Genoa inside the spectacular area of Porta Siberia since 2001 and it shows many different works and scenes by Emanuele Luzzati (printed spreads, tapestries, drawings). The Museum has also been designed for children and young people: besides rooms set up for didactic use and animation it offers a multimedia space and a library. The centre periodically houses exhibitions of stage designs, costumes, models, miniatures and maquettes.

It was built just for Emanuele Luzzati, when the well known Italian architect Renzo Piano restored the ancient rock of the Porta Siberia.

Emanuele Luzzati (3 June 1921 - 26 January 2007) was an Italian painter, production designer, illustrator, film director and animator. He was nominated for Academy Awards for two of his short films, La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie) (1965) and Pulcinella (1973). He provided the designs for the 1972 Glyndebourne production of Verdi's Macbeth, produced by Michael Hadjimischev. Luzzati was interested in Tarot symbolism. He used great images of Tarot as scenographies for Fabrizio de André concerts. In 2001, he painted The Children's Tarot for Edizioni d'Arte Lo Scarabeo of Turin.

Emanuele Luzzati is the author of the School of Robotics' Logo. He drew it in the year 2000. From that period dates the collaboration between the Emanuele Luzzati Museum and the School of Robotics. This happy partnership produced many joyful products: events such as the December Sundays with Robots to the artistic laboratories during the week of the Tales about robots.

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