Future of education: Spice up your lessons with new technology 


4 hour with webinars and 8 hours with online materials – evaluation with quiz


Teachers, Educators, Trainers, non formal educators




Get ready to learn how technology can help shape the future of learning. The course is specialized for teachers so that they can provide their students with an enriching experience in learning, distance learning and in presence learning. 

We are committed to supporting teachers and their students around the globe as they face new learning challenges. 

Through this course, we will provide tips and tricks for making (distance) learning more effective. We also encourage teachers to use technology like IoT, AR/VR, and AI in the classrooms.


  • 4 lessons of 1 hours each (webinar) with the possibility to see them whenever you want live or recorded

  • Slides and materials used during webinars

  • Offline materials to deepen the topics

  • Certificate of participation


Lesson 1 – Distance Learning with technology
22 December 2020 – 4 IST ie. 11:30 CET

This lesson will guide the teachers about how online technologies can enhance the online learning experience. This will provide teachers understanding of effective online teaching practices with the use of different technologies.

  • What is remote teaching?
  • Which platforms can we use?
  • Which software/hardware can we use?
  • How to prepare
  • Tips and tricks for presenting
  • multitasking
  • Follow-up for future lessons

Lesson 2 – The IoT in education
29 December 2020 – 4 IST ie. 11:30 CET

This lesson will help teachers to understand the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in distance learning to make the course interesting for students. The Internet of things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet. The use of simulators in this lesson will make it easy for the teachers to understand this concept.

  • Using We are the Makers Material
  • Distance Learning with simulators of IOT hardware and robotics 
  • Open Roberta, VR Robotics, Microbit Tinkercad  (we can create async material about each program) 

Lesson 3 – AI and machine learning in education
30 December 2020 – 4 IST ie. 11:30 CET

AI and machine learning are extremely difficult tools to understand, but with this lesson all of us can understand some important concepts to introduce AI and ML concepts at school (from primary to high level) and how to use and create at school AI and ML concepts. This lesson is aimed at all educators who would like to use AI, irrespective of the topic which they teach. AI can be used to solve real life problems.

  • Introduction
  • Google Labs for AI

Lesson 4 – Fake news/clickbait and how to avoid it – from educational point of view
4 January 2021 – 4 IST ie. 11:30 CET

Trusting false stories could lead to making decisions that may be harmful. It is difficult to determine the difference between credible and fraudulent news. This lesson will help you to detect the fake news and how to manage this situation with the concept of critical thinking.

  • Introduction to Fake news
  • Why does fake news exist?
  • Quiz on fake news and movies
  • How to detect a fake news story
  • An educational methodology: Critical Thinking 
  • Online tools for managing a lesson

Lesson 5 – Using AR/VR in lessons
5 January 2021 – 4 IST ie. 11:30 CET

Educators are in need of tools that will help them to make the process of learning more interesting. This lessons will help educators to achieve the goal of quality sessions with the use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) into classrooms.

  • AR and VR in the world
  • Example in marketing and entertainment
  • Example in medicine and pro 
  • Ar and Vr in classroom 
  • Educational example of AR
  • Educational use of VR