Paladyn: Topical Issue sulla Roboetica

Numero speciale di Paladyn, Journal of Behavioral Robotics sulla Roboetica.


  • Oliver Bendel: Towards animal-friendly machines
  • Woodrow Barfield: Liability for Autonomous and Artificially Intelligent Robots
  • Takeshi Kimura: Masahiro Mori’s Buddhist philosophy of robot
  • Christopher Charles Santos-Lang: Corporantia: Is moral consciousness above individual brains/robots?
  • Jai Galliott: The soldier’s tolerance for autonomous systems
  • Michael Anderson and Susan Leigh Anderson: GenEth: a general ethical dilemma analyzer
  • Fanny Ficuciello, Guglielmo Tamburrini, Alberto Arezzo, Luigi Villani, and Bruno Siciliano: Autonomy in surgical robots and its meaningful human control
  • Bettina Berendt: AI for the common good?! Pitfalls, challenges, and ethics pen-testing

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Employed by human society in numbers and applications larger than today, robotics is going to trigger widespread social and economic changes, opening new social and ethical problems for which designers, manufacturers, end user, and public, and private policy must be prepared now. As the application field for robots is widening, and the robot is coming out of the factory halls (cobots), new challenges are seen, and even a change of paradigm is taking shape. New Human-Robot interactions are to be forecasted, involving human body, health care and augmentation issues, challenging privacy, human communication and social interactions, and digital/robotics divide.

Roboethics deals with the ethical aspects of the design, development and employment of intelligent machines. It shares many subjects and methodology with computer ethics, information ethics and bioethics. Roboethical issues are new and never fully explored, involving transdisciplinarity and calling for original solution that we would need the contributions and efforts of all scientific and human disciplines, in a common endeavor. In fact, not only roboticists, but also Law, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, and Philosophy are studying the potentialities of these intelligent machines in relation to human beings.

Topics related to roboethical issues include, but not limited to, the following:

Economy (replacing humans in the workplace; robotics and the job market)
Psychology (position of humans in the control hierarchy; robots and children)
Law (robots and liability; deployment of autonomously acting robots)
Health (robotics in surgery; robotics in health care, assistance, prosthetics and therapy)
Military application of robotics (acceptability, advantages and risks, codes)
Environment (underwater robotics noise pollution; cleaning nuclear and toxic waste)
Service (social robotics, personal assistants, companions)
Technical dependability (availability; reliability; safety; security)



Design, Divulgazione, Roboetica, Scienza&Società

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