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Scuola di Robotica

26/06/2011 - Events

School of Robotics at the 51th Ustica International diving review

School of Robotics at the 51th Ustica International diving review

School of Robotics invited - with its small ROV - to the extraordinary Ustica international diving exhibition. Educational robotics laboratories at sea.

Diving deeper into the blue: 51 Ustica International diving review

The island of Ustica, the first marine Italian park, become again at the end of June, the venue of the 51st edition of the International Festival of Diving Activities, special issue of the Festival which will be organized by the Municipality. The Review opens on June 27 and closes on July 3.

School of Robotics is invited there to hold laboratories of underwater robotics for kids with a small ROV developed in the Laboratory of the CNR-IEIIT by School of Robotics along MIT  project SeaPerch.

In recent years, the island, has hosted athletes and international figures such as Raimondo Bucher, Jacques Mayol, Folco Quilici, Enzo Mallorca, Bruno Vaillancourt, Jacques Cousteau, Jacques Piccard, Luigi Ferraro, Ramon Bravo, Honor Frost, Fulco Pratesi, Giuseppe Notarbartolo, Umberto Pelizzari. Reference point for all enterprises of scientific and sports related to the underwater world, has collected several absolute records: the first live demonstrations of modern underwater vehicles for exploration took place here , the first exhibition of diving equipment, the first sub live television shooting, the first retrospective exhibition of underwater movies, the first exhibitions of Marine Archaeology, the first competition of underwater photography, the first International Underwater movies festival, the first evidences of apnea records.

These dition, some outstanding guests: Enzo Maiorca, the Italian multiple record holder in the extreme sport of free-diving. A native of Syracuse, Italy, he was a pioneer developer of free-diving in the 1960s and 1970s. Maiorca held 13 world records in the "No Limits" class of free diving between 1960 and 1974. Maiorca was fictionalized in the 1988 Luc Besson film The Big Blue as well as his rivalry with the French diver Jacques Mayol. Gianluca Genoni, record in scuba diver prupulsion. Jacques Cousteau's cameramen, Yves Omer;  and Giulio Melegari,  famous pilot of mini submarine for the off-shore industry and oil plants.
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