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1901, 2021


19 January 2021|

Erasmus plus project, Strategic Partnerships ALGO-LITTLE, ALGORITHMIC THINKING SKILLS THROUGH BASIC PLAY-BASED LEARNING FOR FUTURE'S CODE LITERATES   The project partnership, coordinated by Demokrasi University of Izmir, Turkey presented the project ALGOLITTLE and started the planned activities in an online meeting in November 2020. It is an Erasmus + Strategic [...]

912, 2020

I-RIM 3D: Human-Centric Robotics: focusing on robotics for assistance and collaboration with humans

9 December 2020|

CNR-ISTC, CNR -IEIIT, DIBRIS UNIGE, Omitech, and School of Robotics organize the on line workshop Human-Centric Robotics: focusing on robotics for assistance and collaboration with humans December 10, 2020, 3-5 pm (CET in the frame of the I-RIM 3D 2020 conference (https://i-rim.i and of the Maker Faire 2020   Description [...]

2511, 2020

Technology serving the environment

25 November 2020|

Every day we read news about marine pollution. Newspapers, TV and publications report terrifying data on the amount of plastic dispersed in the environment. By now it is a reality, this material is occupying every corner of the Earth and of the Sea all over the planet. A survey carried [...]

2411, 2020

Pollen Robotics: Reachy, an open source robot for multiple use

24 November 2020|

Pollen Robotics is a French start-up that designs and builds open-source robots. It was born from the idea of seven researchers. Its open-source philosophy derives from Pollen Robotics' belief that the end-user, the buyer of the robot, should be able to intervene on the robot according to the use to [...]

2311, 2020

A transnational Meet and Code with School of Robotics

23 November 2020|

The project "A transnational Meet and Code" presented by Scuola di Robotica and dedicated in particular to girls was accepted by the organisation and Scuola di Robotica started to contact the school associations in Italy, Romania, Moldova, and Turkey. The project is dedicated to presenting the activities of girls in [...]

511, 2020

Humans and robot

5 November 2020|

This is the story of Luca, who at the first lesson started obsessively repeating “I hate robots, I hate robots, I hate robots” and after a month of workshops he understood that he could use robots to tell stories, making them become actors who are not capricious and that are [...]

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