In this section you can find the Contests promoted by Scuola di Robotica


The Nao Challenge is an educational contest for secondary school students. It was organized for the first time in Italy in 2015 by Scuola di Robotica in collaboration with SoftBank Robotics. The aim of the competition is to increase students’ knowledge in the use of humanoid robotics through the development of software to be used in plausible and plausible situations with the aim of spreading the social potential of service robotics. Moreover, through the competition, which involves the analysis of real problems, students can develop personal and professional skills such as problem solving, the ability to collaborate and work in teams, creative and communication skills as well as programming.


Scuola di Robotica, in collaboration with Miur, is ready to launch the sixth edition of the Robotics Olympics. The free competition is dedicated to selected students from upper secondary schools and aims to promote, encourage and support the educational potential of robotics with particular reference to STEM subjects. The main theme of the 2019/20 edition will be the environment and the projects presented should identify solutions for the improvement of environmental conditions. The teams will be able to choose to create robots operating in aquatic, terrestrial or aerial environments.


FIRST® LEGO® League is a worldwide challenge for successive qualifications in science and robotics between teams of children from 9 to 16 years old (from fourth grade to second grade, not necessarily of the same class or institute) who design, build and program autonomous robots, applying them to real problems of great general interest, ecological, economic, social, to seek innovative solutions.
The event requires its participants to carry out a research with all the characteristic criteria of the scientific protocol on a current problem.