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About Luca Gilardi

Luca Gilardi is a Physician, fascinated by music and robotics. In Scuola di Robotica he deals with educational courses and training materials managing.


2021-01-22T16:47:05+01:0019 January 2021|

Erasmus+ project, Strategic Partnerships ALGO-LITTLE, ALGORITHMIC THINKING SKILLS THROUGH PLAY-BASED LEARNING FOR FUTURE'S CODE LITERATES   The project partnership, coordinated by Demokrasi University of Izmir, [...]

Creative and project learning

2020-10-27T17:51:02+01:0027 October 2020|

Introduction to creative thinking The Lifelong Kindergarten (MIT Media Lab) research group, led by Mitchel Resnick, was the creator of the Scratch programming language and [...]