A little history

Scuola di Robotica is a non-profit association founded in 2000 by a group of robotics and human science scholars. The main objective of Scuola di Robotica is the promotion of culture through education, training, education and dissemination of the arts and sciences involved in the process of development of robotics and new technologies.

Over the years Scuola di Robotica has become a national and international reference point for many research activities and application of robotics in the most varied sectors of society such as didactics, ecology and disabilities.  Scuola di Robotica is a partner of many European projects and since 2009 has been certified as a training body by the Ministry of Education, University and Research for the updating of teaching staff.

Robotics is the real technological frontier of today and it is something that can radically change our world. From an economic, industrial and business point of view it is fundamental to have generations of citizens capable of using new technologies in a creative and not passive way.

If we think of the nineties, the great defeat in Italy and Europe was that of not understanding the revolution that the internet would bring to our economy. If we had had visionaries, technicians capable of understanding the social, ethical and economic implications of what they were achieving, Italy probably would not have missed that technological train.

School of Robotics works ahead of its time trying to make society understand that a new phenomenon is coming, namely robotics, which will revolutionize even more and with greater impact, and also with greater dangers, and the only way to be ready is to prepare the new generation through training and education.

We are particularly concerned with:

  • Educative robotics

  • Training courses for teachers

  • Research and development of new applications

  • Cognitive disabilities and weak users

  • Environmental sustainability

  • European projects

Our Logo

The logo of Scuola di Robotica was designed by Emanuele Luzzati. To explain how it was born we have to tell a story.

In 2000, once the association was founded, we realized that it needed an image that would convey its spirit, without referring to the usual science fiction clichés. A cheerful and unknowing image, nonconformist and serious at the same time, able to intrigue without frightening. We greatly admired Master Luzzati, not only for the beauty of his works, but above all for the playful spirit of his characters. It was precisely the spirit with which we wanted to bring young people closer to a complex theme such as robotics. We had tried and tried again to design our logo, but the result always seemed anonymous and predictable. Luzzati is inimitable.

Then, with the courage of unconsciousness, the idea came to us: “Why don’t we ask him?”. Easy to say, but how do we get in touch with him? We thought, a bit skeptical, of the thousand filters of so many supposedly important people. And instead one of us takes the phone book, finds his number, picks up the phone and talks to him.

So, we met Emanuele Luzzati for the first time. He listened to us, between the amazed and the amused, talking about robotics and boys. He gave us, as he would have done with children, a sketch of Pinocchio made there and there with our name and said that yes, of course, he would try to “doodle a few scribbles”.

We let a few days pass. We hardly had the courage to phone him for fear of disturbing him. Instead, the drawings were ready a few days ago, and we went back to the house in Luzzati, the one where he was born, with the smell of paint and turpentine and magic flutes on the carpets and Pamina and Papagheno in the kitchen. The scribbles were beautiful: two robots that are mimes and clowns, mysterious but not threatening and since then they have been welcoming students and visitors to the Robotics School.

Since that day we met many times the Master, who with great sweetness and simplicity, gave us other wonderful drawings and for this reason we love to consider him our first “sponsor”.

Unforgettable is the image created in 2003 for the baptism of Roboetics, a gentle robot that offers a flower to a little girl, amused and intrigued, but also a bit intimidated.

Robots are machines and only art will be able to give them a soul.

Thanks Lele!