Training courses for teachers

In recent years, robotics has become increasingly popular as an educational activity. At both the college and pre-college level, a growing number of schools and other educational organizations are employing small robotics kits to offer opportunities for young people to build their own computer-controlled robots.

Following almost forty years of development, we can say that Educational robotics is by then a “mature” educational tool: “Screen turtles” were introduced at the MIT Logo Lab around 1972.

In 2000, some Italian roboticists who envisaged the great educational opportunities robotics could offer to kids founded the School of Robotics. In fact, in the process of designing and programming robots, pupils learn important engineering, math, and computer science concepts. The key factor here is that robotics is not only a heuristic educational tool, but a techno-science developing briskly and rapidly pervading many fields.

Almost ten years ago, the founders of the School of Robotics decided that the Association should have been maintained working contacts with all the society’s fields which robotics would have permeated: a virtuous circle between school-industry-research.

On this ground, the School of Robotics is organizing training courses for teachers in many ICT fields applied to educational activities (educational robotics, the digital blackboard, engineering, computer science). Because our classes for kids range from pre-school to college, we have modulated accordingly our training courses for teacher, developing educational tools for pre-school kids to teens.

Since 2009, the School of Robotics has been appointed Training Agency by the Italian Ministry for the Education.

Classes for students

A current student.. A future citizen

Forecasting about new technology is always a slippery field.

However, we can confidently say that in the next ten years new technology will be based on (for sure) Computer Science, computer programming, electronic embedded systems, network engineering, mathematics. This means that just to employ safely and correctly these devices, and most importantly, to design and manufacture them, a great number of experst in Science and Technology will be needed.

Learning Robotics, you can master all of these topics, at one time.

Robotics technology is going to be employed in the industrial production and services employing potentially thousands of people, becoming in few years an integral part of all industries.

Robotics will impact the economy even more dramatically that mass production impacted the industrial revolution and the computer the information age.

At the same time, robotics teaches 21st century skill sets in almost every subject, from egineering to team working; from problem solving to artistic design.

The School of Robotics organizes educational robotics courses for student from pre-schooling to college.