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At SPS 2024 Parma, working table dedicated to girls and women in ICT

Girls women in ICT: A commitment for a fair balance of roles, an urgent need

SPS ITALIA, the annual exhibition dedicated to digital automation for industry, in collaboration with CampuStore and Scuola di Robotica is organising a Working Table dedicated to promoting the interest and commitment of girls and women towards careers and professions in high-tech sectors.


Parma, 29 May 14:30- 16:30,

Arena area of the CampuStore stand


Recent estimates by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) indicate that more than one million ICT professionals are missing in Europe. 53% of companies looking to hire ICT specialists report having difficulty finding qualified people. To address this challenge, it is essential to encourage more women to participate in the digital economy. Today, only 17% of the nearly 8 million ICT specialists in Europe are women. Female representation in technology-related professions and studies is low: only 1 in 6 ICT specialists and 1 in 3 science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) graduates are women.

Moreover, it is particularly difficult for women with limited digital skills to access jobs with decent wages. Only 42 % of low-skilled women are employed and almost half of them are in precarious jobs.

Eurofound estimated the cost of this gender employment gap in the EU at more than EUR 320 billion (2018 figure). Although the cost of the gap is decreasing in 2024, the economic loss is still significantly high.

SPS Italia with CampuStore and Scuola di Robotica are organising a work table dedicated to women and young people: students from technical institutes, ITS and engineering universities from all over Italy will have the chance to meet female technology professionals to understand new career possibilities and draw inspiration to reach goals that sometimes seem far away!

The speakers who will speak at the SPS 2024 Working Table will offer ideas and their experiences to suggest strategies, changes and greater collaboration in companies and schools.

Speakers will be:

  • Anna Brancaccio, Director, Italian Ministry of Education and Merit
  • Benedetta Aliai Torres, Marketing & Communication Manger B&R
  • Alice Antonelli, Integrated Projects Program Manager, CIM4.0.
  • Lisa Lanzarini, CampuStoreAcademy Responsible
  • Francesca Madonini, Electronics Engineer Empatica
  • Serena Monti, Head of ID & Vision Solutions Integration Unit
  • Jennifer Chiara Secomandi, Marketing and Sales Manager Virevo
  • Sara Varetti, Senior Researcher Leonardo Labs
  • Cynthia Zazzarini, Area Manger ESA Automation & Robotics
  • The girls and boys team at the NAO Challenge robotic contest of the ISS Galilei in Mirandola

Moderator: Fiorella Operto, School of Robotics

For information:

School of Robotics:


Tel. +39 348 0961616

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