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Discover MusicARte, how to combine Augmented Reality and Music History

Are you a person with a passion for music looking for an innovative way to engage your kids, students, colleagues, relatives in listening to and learning about the great composers of classical music?

MusicARte is a brand new educational project, by Vibrisse Studio and Scuola di Robotica in Italy, that combines fun learning with Augmented Reality.

Through a deck of 52 cards, MusicARte combines gamification and augmented reality,

You will find cards representing animal drawings and a set of animal-cards. By framing the animal-cards with the camera of the dedicated app, AR will activate musical segments of great composers of the past, which you will have to recognise and attribute to the correct composer, framing him/her in turn, after listening to the song. Every time you make a correct match, the app will score you a point and offer you extra information about the work or musician, making the experience even more immersive and… augmented!

You will also be able to further customise the challenge, choosing the challenge (and study) modes, the rules; you can even upload your favourite pieces and create new animal-author combinations.

Watch a short demo here 


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