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E-Media: Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship for All

eMedia is an Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Adults Education project:

The focus of the project is to promote education by educating active and responsible citizens in the digital world. This is done through the production of educational booklets teaching digital practices, to be used for the training of the educators in non-formal and formal education centres.

The Resources and products of the project are available in Creative Commons and can be downloaded from:

The eMedia project developed three educational booklets to support the training of teachers and educators in media literacy and digital citizenship for all:

  1. on robotics and coding
  2. on digital media literacy
  3. on online expression


Each of these booklets provides a minimum of ten hours of activities, and two booklets (on digital media literacy and robotics) will have a complementary moodle/MOOC to facilitate the training.


  • La Ligue de L’enseignement – project coordinator
  • the School of Robotics (Scuola di Robotica), a non-profit Training and Educational Center certified by the National Ministry of Education in Italy;
  • the University of Latvia, which is one of the largest comprehensive research universities in the Baltic States;
  • SOS Racismo Gipuzkoa, a grass root, non-profit, antiracist, democratic, multiethnic and internationalist organization;
  • Associazione Arci, one of the largest social promotion oragnisations in Italy and engaged in social intervention actions, fosters citizens participation and defends the rights of the most vulnerable categories.


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