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EU-Rate Project completed: partners meeting in Bordeaux with Robocup

From 6 to 9 July 2023, the Partner of EU-Rate Erasmus plus project participated in the conclusive meeting in Bordeaux, France.  It was an event that allowed us to strengthen relations, discuss new opportunities and define joint strategies to address common challenges in the run-up to the conclusion of the European project.

On the day of the meeting, partner representatives from different parts of Europe met to share updates on the status of the work and the latest changes. The meeting was characterised by an open and collaborative approach, where everyone had the opportunity to present their ideas and suggestions.

The working session involved lively discussions and brainstorming to develop innovative strategies to achieve win-win results, especially in the future, and to make the project sustainable even after EU funding ends.

In addition to intensive working sessions, the meeting also offered informal moments in which participants got to know their colleagues from partner companies better. These socialising moments helped create stronger personal bonds, increasing the sense of trust and reciprocity between the different organisations.

On the second day, the final conference of the project took place, involving various local and international stakeholders interested in the activities carried out within the project. The participants numbered around 30 people and after a general introduction on the project they were divided into groups and participated in four sessions dedicated to four workshops developed within the project, namely the activities with Boson and Maqueen+ for the 8-10 age group and Maqueen+ and Eu-Bot for the 11-14 age group.

Looking ahead, we will continue to strengthen ties with our European partners and explore new forms of collaboration that will allow us to continue to grow, innovate and prosper in an increasingly complex international environment.

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