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The Nao Challenge 2018, the humanoid competition for schools

The Nao Challenge 2018, the humanoid competition for schools
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Starting on 17th February 2018 with the semi-final of Genoa, the NAO CHallenge is the Italian competition dedicated to humanoid robotics, whee NAO robot is emploid. Registrations extended until January 31st.

Starting from 17th February 2018 with the semi-final taking place in Genoa, we are glad to invite all the interested people to the famous competition dedicated to humanoid robotics. Registrations extended until January 31st.

The Nao Challenge is an annual competition for high schools organized by Scuola di Robotica, in collaboration with SoftBank Robotics and CampusStore, with the aim of increasing the students' skills on the use of humanoid robotics thanks to the use of multi-technological and innovative projects.

The event, which landed in Italy in 2015, has grown in a short time to become one of the most known competitions dedicated to humanoid robotics. Each edition tests the skills of students through the acquisition of technical and programming skills and the development of problem solving, organizational and teamwork skills. The aim of the competition changes every year with the aim of exploring the potential of humanoid robots in certain sectors of everyday reality. For example, this year the Challenge will be linked to the development of software that allow humanoid robots to interact and help elderly people in their homes or clinics.

For those still interested in taking part, the registrations have been extended until January 31st!

Students will have to devise an innovative technological solution that foresees the use of NAO, the humanoid robot, to facilitate the carrying out of one or more daily activities by the elderly. In order to participate, the teams must declare the project's recipient (s) and present how they came up with the proposed solution through various tests including the study of specific cases, the analysis of existing solutions and interviews with experts.

This competition is part of the teaching activities aimed at developing the spirit of initiative and innovation in students, as well as scientific and technological skills.

The Nao Challenge for students, aside from being a contest, represents an opportunity: in fact, the students have the opportunity to work on an interesting and exciting school project, whose aim is to acquire skills in the field of coding and robotics and to develop problem solving. Furthermore, during the event the teams will meet the community of NAO users, technical teams and engineers who will offer special assistance throughout the duration of the competition.

Moreover, as part of the event, the School of Robotics will also promote a series of free educational workshops for adults and children.

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