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09/01/2016 - News

NAO Challenge Italia. Enrolment Open!

NAO Challenge Italia. Enrolment Open!
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The enrollment for the 2015 - 2016 edition of NAO Challenge Italia is open! NAO Challenge Italia is co - organized by Scuola di Robotica (NAO Challenge Ambassador for Italy), by Fondazione Golinelli, and CampuStore. The Final Contest will take place in Bologna, at Opificio Golinelli, on May 7th 2016. Check how to enroll to NAO Challenge Italia website:

NAO Challenge

With the NAO Challenge, develop your skills to allow the robot to achieve everyday tasks around the house !
Aldebaran, in collaboration with the National NAO Challenge Ambassadors, organizes this annual competition for high-school students. The goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of learning informatics and technology by motivating and teaching students on a humanoid robot.
The NAO Challenge 2016 is offered in 3 European countries (France, Italy, and Germany).  It’s also being offered in the US.
All high schools can participate in the challenge whether they have a NAO or not. Tests are prepared on a free simulated software and go from May 7th in Italy (Bologna, Opificio Golinelli).
This challenge is designed in collaboration with teachers, in order to compliment the high schools education curriculums.
Join the competition and win a NAO for your school !

Consult the enrolment instructions and the Challenge Rules at:


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