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15/03/2017 - Projects

Genoa, Italy: Kick-off meeting of ROIP Erasmus + European project

Genoa, Italy: Kick-off meeting of ROIP Erasmus + European project
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ROIP (Robotics Over Internet Protocol) is a Erasmus + project School of Robotics is partner of. From Monday March 13th 2017, partners from Poland, Turkey, Portugal, and Italy will be meeting for the starting of project activities.

The main goal of ROIP ((Robotics Over Internet Protocol) is constructing a remote (via-internet) control system for the professional industry robot and NAO  (humanoid shape robot). We will create multilingugal (in all partners languages) video SWIFT programming course available as Open Educational Resource. Schools participating in the project will have an opportunity to evaluate their own curriculums and to choose solutions, effectively used in partner countries, which succour the educational process. The labour market cooperation will influence the awareness of correlation between knowledge and practice. It will show practical ways of using it and it will familiarise the participants with different technological solutions. We will get the most actual knowledge used in real life.

Students, by taking part in the project and becoming acquainted with different technological ideas, will acquire skills increasing their chances in European labour market. The project gives the opportunity to confront and develop their skills with creative thinking. Furthermore, students will acquire new skills as no school, because of their curriculum,  currently teaches e.g. creating iOS applications, Android application, Windows Phone app, Ethernut microcontroller framework.
The project will involve students between 15-19 years of age. They will construct a remote (via-internet) control system for the professional industry robot NAO. During the project realization the partners will organize training classes in the field of their expertise. Topics of the classes will be strictly connected with the project's activities: robotics, automatics, IT, mechatronics and electronics.  Participation in RoboParty competition will get us possibility to cooperate with partners and contest with students form their school and countries.
One of the project's product (iOS programming video course) will be translated into the national languages of all partners and published in huge educational database - Apple iTunesU and streaming video services. It will be Open Educational Resource available for everyone for free.  Now iOS video courses are mostly in English or paid - our product will be 1 of the first complete curse in other languages for free available as Open Educational Resource.

ROIP ERasmus plus project_ Genova Kick-off Meeting Agenda (0.32 MB)


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