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I Give A Hand at the 1st World Para Standing Tennis Championships, Grugliasco (TO).

Held in Grugliasco (Turin) from 20 to 23 June 2024, promoted by Sportdipiù, the first Paralympic tennis world championships played standing up: more than 100 athletes from 25 nations and all continents have registered.
Sportdipiù is the sports association that promotes sport among people with disabilities, and is chaired by Fabrizio Benintendi. The Paralympic competition takes place in Grugliasco (Turin), at the prestigious Monviso Sporting Club (Corso Allamano 25, Grugliasco). The event has received recognition and the possibility to use the logo, from the ITF, International Tennis Federation.
Since 2022, Sportdipiù has organised two demonstration tournaments, thus profoundly innovating Paralympic tennis, which in official events only includes its ‘wheelchair’ version played seated in a wheelchair.
The press release with the programme here (in Italian)

The association Io Do Una Mano (I Give a Hand), a non-profit association with the aim of helping children and young people with upper limb impairments by 3D printing and distributing customised aids free of charge, will participate as a Partner and present its latest aids. On this occasion, it will be handing over a tennis aid to a child.


What is Para Standing Tennis

(from the Sportpiù press release)

“The discipline, which has already been practised for many years but was brought to Italy in 2022 by Sportdipiù, has revolutionised Paralympic tennis in an epoch-making way, which in official events only includes its “wheelchair” version played in a wheelchair. All this thanks to a movement capable of attracting hundreds of athletes with disabilities in the upper and lower limbs (hemiplegia, amputations, congenital malformations, achondroplasia…) all over the world, united in the International Para Standing Tennis Association, chaired by Ivan Corretja (brother of Alex, former ATP number 2 in the world, winner of the ATP Finals in 1998 and two-time finalist at Roland Garros): As has been the case with tennis and badminton for a long time now, those who want to and are able to play standing up will be able to do so in an official and regulated manner’.


The participating athletes

“The participants in the first edition of the Para Standing Tennis World Championship are a total of 97, representing 27 nationalities and all continents: Ivan Corretja himself, the winner of last year’s Demonstration Tournament Thalita Silva Rodrigues and Alex Hunt, a player who has moved up the ATP circuit, will not be missing, as well as celebrities such as the Brazilian Paola Antonini and the Australian Adam Hills, who will be filming a documentary on Para Standing Tennis at Monviso. Further names, including those of very important testimonials, will be announced over the coming weeks, while there will be 10″ Italian athletes”.

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