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IO DO UNA MANO (I GIVE A HAND) finalist for the 2023 Premio Ferro 202

The association IO DO UNA MANO (I GIVE A HAND) was among the five finalists to win the Angelo Ferro Award.

This important  Italian award is intended to valorise innovation in the social economy, supporting solutions capable of intercepting new social needs, activating original responses in terms of the type of intervention, the subjects involved and the collaborations activated.

The speech by James Segre, Coordinator of IO DO UNA MANO at the Premio ferro Final Award Ceremony (from h. 1.27.15) here

On the IO DO UNA MANO website the images of the Award Ceremony, below the moment of the award ceremony (James Sagre is the third from the right).

IO DO UNA MANO is an official chapter of e-Nable, a worldwide organisation of digital volunteers who pursue the goal of making, 3D printing and delivering personalised aids free of charge.

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