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211, 2020

Are the girls not good at maths? Stereotypes and reality

2 November 2020|

Within the Erasmus plus NO GENDER GAP project we asked Prof. Laura Capelli to tell us about the gender gap in the Italian school, for science subjects, compared to the results of female students compared to those of male colleagues. Prof.ssa Capelli has taught mathematics and has been the contact [...]

2710, 2020

Creative and project learning

27 October 2020|

Introduction to creative thinking The Lifelong Kindergarten (MIT Media Lab) research group, led by Mitchel Resnick, was the creator of the Scratch programming language and its online community. Scratch was born to help children develop their creative thinking. In fact, this group developed and adopted an educational approach - using [...]

1310, 2020

Artificial Intelligence and Education

13 October 2020|

To teach to and with machines Artificial intelligence and didactics: an impossible combination? In Scuola di Robotica we believe that it could be possible. We imagine that Artificial Intelligence can be a valuable didactic tool. In fact, it is possible to use it - even in a simple and accessible [...]

810, 2020

Robots and medicine, the future passes here

8 October 2020|

Does medicine really need robotics? Let’s take a step-by-step look at the progress made by robotics in the medical field. Before introducing the first surgical robot, let’s explain what Robot Assisted Surgery means: it is a branch of medical engineering that develops surgical robots that allow the operator to perform [...]

2408, 2020

Free registration to No Gender Gap courses is now open!

24 August 2020|

Free enrolment to No Gender Gap courses is now open! Everyone can register here: No gender Gap! is the KA2 project co-financed by the Erasmus + program and with the objectives of developing a methodology and an educational platform dedicated to girls and women in difficult situations to support [...]

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