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Pollen Robotics: Reachy, an open source robot for multiple use

Pollen Robotics is a French start-up that designs and builds open-source robots. It was born from the idea of seven researchers. Its open-source philosophy derives from Pollen Robotics’ belief that the end-user, the buyer of the robot, should be able to intervene on the robot according to the use to which it is dedicated.

Robin Williamson interviewed Pollen Robotics Co-founder and CEO Matthieu Lapeyre. Here the interview and the text.



In the interview, Matthieu Lapeyre talks about Pollen Robotics’ robot, Reachy, and how it can be used in different ways thanks to open source.

Reachy‘s presentation also here:

Text of Matthieu Lapeyere’s interview: Lapeyre_interview

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