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Pre-registration is the process that reserves seats in particular courses for eligible participants. A contact person of an organisation should fill in the pre-registration form below on behalf of all the eligible participants to a specific course: participants shouldn’t pre-register individually. Organisations can complete the pre-registration form at any point in time, either when they apply for funding or when their grant is approved.

Please, do not book your flights or trains at this stage! Courses are confirmed once the minimum number of participants is reached. Pre-registration alone does not guarantee enrollment nor does pre-registration alone guarantee the right to participate in a course, even if the course is confirmed.  Pre-registration is merely indicative and not binding: you pre-register in good faith to help us organise the best course experience for everybody. Thank you!

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Please, fill in the pre-registration form for all the eligible participants to a course. Please, only one contact person per organisation. Before filling in the form, you need to decide course, dates and number of participants.


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