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The Research EURON Atelier on Roboethics is an EURON Project aimed at developing the concept of an Ethics applied to Robotics. The Atelier lasted one working week, in February 2006. It will be attended by about 30 participants (Senior Scientists and PhD Students) coming from different fields of research, both from Sciences and Humanities. The result was the  Roboethics Roadmap Book.
In January 2004, Scuola di Robotica organised the First International Symposium on Roboethics. The success and the important follow-ups of that event encouraged the partners of this proposal to design a more continuous and systematic approach: the Roboethics Atelier inside EURON.
The Roboethics Atelier applied to the Robotics field the EC directives on the subject of Ethics as outlined in the Action Plan “Science and Society” with the specifies principles which should govern researches in science and technology. In this context, the Atelier analysed the effects of Robotics, from those principles, in the applications fields where the potential problems are more important and evident.

Commissione Europea, IST Programme