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The curriculum of the European Early Code project addresses how to train the younger generation to be able to build a pre-school computational thinking environment, coding tools and solutions. This will enable them to become content creators.
The curriculum is the first of its kind, as no curriculum has been developed so far to improve the skills of primary education graduates to foster the computational thinking skills of pre-school children.

This curriculum aims to make preschool teachers learn the following skills:

  • how to motivate pre-school children to learn algorithmic and computational thinking
  • how to illustrate basic algorithms, sequences, loops, conditionals, etc.
  • how to make the subject of Coding fun and engaging for children
  • how to teach children to make meaningful collaboration with others,
  • how to develop critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills,
  • where to find and how to develop engaging educational robotics (ER) at pre-school level
  • how to apply code teaching games without the use of computers
  • where to find more sources of information


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