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Robotics Olympiads in Italy: more than hundred teams registered

More than hundred teams registered for the new edition of the Italian Robotics Olympiad 2021-22, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education and organised by Scuola di Robotica.

Teams from 16 Italian regions have been joined this year by those from an Italian school abroad based in Cairo, Egypt.

The teams have already started working on the projects that, in this edition, will have to identify robotic solutions at the service of medicine to support activities aimed at improving the health and well-being of people.

There are three categories proposed by the competition:

Robotic prostheses (33 teams registered)
Robots for chosen rehabilitation (33 teams entered)
Robots for personal assistance (43 teams entered).

The latter category was the most popular.

The free training course offered to all participants began with the first webinars introducing the concept of Design for All.

The Robotics Olympiad website:


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