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School of Robotics Partner in the European Horizon project PRAESIIDIUM

Diabetes, prevention and artificial intelligence: the PRAESIIDIUM project for diabetes prevention.
Among the “Staying Healthy” projects, PRAESIDIIUM, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe – Research and Innovation Actions program, is coordinated by Spindox Labs and is part of a series of measures by which the EU aims to combat the risk of chronic diseases using artificial intelligence tools and technologies.

The project acronym stands for Physics Informed Machine learning-based Praediction and Revision of Impaired Fasting Glucose Management. The prototype under study will serve as a tool for real-time prediction of diabetic risk. The project lasts 36 months with 11 partners from Italy, Austria, Belgium, Latvia, Sweden and Switzerland.
On January 30 and 31, 2023, the kickoff meeting of PRAESIIDIUM was held in Trento, Italy.

School of Robotics is a Partner and is involved in the ELS, Ethical, Legal and Societal aspects.

Undiagnosed diabetes affects a large portion of the population: 36 percent of adults in Europe. However, prediabetes is a condition that can be reversed even without prescription drugs. Hence the interest in applying mathematical models to simulate one’s metabolism, pancreatic hormone production, microbiome metabolites, inflammatory process, and immune system response. This prediction algorithm will be trained with a rich set of information from previous clinical data, one’s family history, and pilot studies that will provide glucose, bioimpendency, and heart rate monitoring through wearable sensors.
The project will be coordinated by Cristiano Carlevaro, CEO of Spindox Labs. In addition to coordination, Spindox will be responsible for web infrastructure, data management, software and app development, and microbiota data integration.

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