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Science? A good story to tell: an Erasmus + project

For a fascinating Erasmus + project, Science? A good story!  a meeting and a course will be held from 28 to 30 November 2022 in Foggia, Italy, at the Coordinating Partner of the project, the Istituto Comprensivo Marcelline Foggia, with the Partners School of Robotics and CEP IBSTEAM from Spain. The three-day course will involve more than 10 secondary school teachers from Spain and Italy.

The project objective is  the development of STEAM skills, promoting students’ interest in science, technology, STEM disciplines with a STEAM approach (artistic storytelling). It is dedicated to secondary school teachers and students.
With the project activities, the partners would like to provide young people with a method to be ready for the digital and robotic transformations of the coming years, and to develop their ability to keep up-to-date.

Today, developments in science and technology are accelerating, especially technological developments applied to science. Therefore, the partners have chosen some scientific discoveries and inventions to study, with the students, the lives of the scientists who were the protagonists and to simulate, as far as possible, some of these scientific inventions. Narrating science is also a way of experiencing science and identifying with the activities of researchers.  Students will be able to follow the hypotheses expressed by scientists and the steps, as well as the failures and successes, of their research.

The proposed activities will follow the following track:

  • science requires knowledge: searching for information on the web and beyond (methodology and tools)
    science is experimentation: the scientific method – practical activities to be carried out with the class
    science is collaboration: online collaboration and exchange activities between students from partner schools in the two countries
    science is storytelling: coding and robot programming to tell the story of the discovery that is the subject of the teaching unit and the path taken by the class.

The promotion of key competences, both STEM-related and associated with Literacy, reading and text comprehension, Internet research and storytelling is ensured by the transdisciplinary method that characterises this project. By learning the use of software and coding, students will be able to acquire different methodologies for storytelling, from analogical to digital, with an interdisciplinary approach to reading and the STEAM disciplines as well as transversal skills related to e.g. teamwork.

The project is open to all and free of charge. The materials will be published on a platform and can be downloaded free of charge.

For information:

Science? It’s a good story! is a Small Scale Partnership KA210-SCH co-funded by the EU Erasmus plus Programme. Contract Number: 2021-2-IT02-KA210-SCH-000050457

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