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“Silence, we are coding”: A project dedicated to deaf and hard of hearing children

“Silence! We are coding”

A project especially dedicated to deaf and hard of hearing children

The integration of deaf people in the school system in Italy – and in Europe with the The Amsterdam Treaty and the Emergence of the EU Disability Law – is guaranteed by law, but there are still many problems and the lack of education has repercussions on the level of job placement in a changing world.

New technologies represent a great opportunity to improve the learning, communication and sociability of deaf people. Various software and apps have been developed with deaf people as users. Little has been done to give deaf people the tools to be producers of new applications themselves.

Computers and robots also need a special language to communicate with us and IT is an area in which deaf people could work on an equal footing.  However, it is crucial that from an early age they learn the programming logic behind software, websites, robots, etc.

The workshops will take place in Genoa, in September 2022, with the support of the 8xMille of the Chiesa Valdese and with the collaboration of La Cruna Cooperative, Trillargento and Scuola di Robotica and aims to bring deaf, and hearing children and teenagers, closer to the world of coding through playful workshops and using a variety of languages (graphic, rhythmic-musical, gestural, mathematical-computer science…).

The workshops will be free of charge and will take place in a central area of Genoa. They will be dedicated to primary and secondary school children. Please find attached the flyer:

For information:+39 (10) 2465517 – + 39 320 8191310 —


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