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A transnational Meet and Code with School of Robotics

The project “A transnational Meet and Code” presented by Scuola di Robotica and dedicated in particular to girls was accepted by the organisation and Scuola di Robotica started to contact the school associations in Italy, Romania, Moldova, and Turkey.

The project is dedicated to presenting the activities of girls in coding and educational robotics in four countries.

Originally, the idea would have been to connect schools and associations dealing with educational robotics in those countries and have the girls exchange programs for robots and then, in an online event, show the robots in action.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 often prevented students from entering their school laboratories. So, we turned the project into a transnational Storytelling, where the girls – and there were also many boys – exchanged stories about their daily life and other girls programmed them with Scratch, creating animations.

Throughout October 2020 there was an exchange of text stories in English (all the girls and boys wrote in English) and then they all started to program other girls’ stories in Scratch.

On 29 October 2020, a final event took place, which brought together online many girls from the four participating countries.

Here the event online:

Eclosed the Participants, and some of their stories and Scratch animation pictures: MEET_CODE_2020_English

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