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An Erasmus + project dedicated to industrial robotics

The partners’ meeting of the Erasmus plus Small Scale Robotics Curriculum Development project (Project No. KA210-VET-2C05C51F – 20 March 2023 – 19th Se) took place in Genoa (12-16 June, 2023), at the premises of Scuola di Robotica.

The project objective is a robotics curriculum for students of professional, technical and high school to provide them with the basic elements on how to use a professional robotic arms.

The next activities is the preparation of the learning, teaching and training course to be held in October 2023 in Pirot.

The partners are Technical Institute of Pirot (Serbia, (Coordinator); Non-profit Association Osvezenje (Refresh) of Pirot, and Scuola di Robotica (Genoa, Italy) and they discussed the main actions of the project and future steps. For the Technical Institute of Pirot, the Headmaster of the Technical Institute of Pirot also attended the meeting, who presented the Institute’s activities and the city of Pirot.

In Genoa, Partners presented the results of the survey, which confirmed the interest – and the need – in Europe to introduce courses in robotics manipulation, as robots, especially robotic arms and cobots, are increasingly entering not only industry, but also crafts, packaging, logistics, medicine, and artistic activities.

The Partners visited the COMAU company in Grugliasco (Turin) and made contact with their Education Department.  They visited Madlab 2.0, the company in which the School of Robotics is a partner and which deals with rapid prototyping and humanoid robotics.

They had a talk with Inga Aukulaskaite of Kuka Robotics Italia on the perspectives of industrial robotics.





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