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Directors of Museums and experts of Art Communication for the Presentation of the NAO Challenge 2021

The NAO Challenge 2021 opened on July 22nd, 2020 with a live broadcast, during which the organizers (School of Robotics, Softbankrobotics, and CampuStore) and Museum Directors and art communication experts were present. In fact, the mission of the 2021 edition concerns, by popular demand, the ideas, projects, and activities of the NAO robot to promote cultural heritage.

Find the live broadcast here:

Participated in the live broadcast, with the organizers (Robotics School, Softbankrobotics and CampuStore):

Serena Bertolucci, Director of the Palazzo Ducale Foundation of Genoa
Eva Degl’Innocenti, Director of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto – MarTA
Nancy Proctor, Director of the Peale Center for Baltimore History and Architecture and Co-President of MuseWeb (the USA)
Wolfgang Heckl, General Director of the Deutsches Museum in Munich (Germany)
Marco Guglielminotti Trive, Director of the MAO, Museum of Oriental Art of Turin
Prisca Cupellini, Head of Communications and Digital, MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Roma
Laura Scarlata, Museum Educator of Educated Services of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma.

The Director of the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., Lonnie Bunch III (14th Secretary of the Smithsonian), sent the NAO Challenge his best wishes for success.

The Directors and Experts who have spoken described the technological activities they have created in their museums and expressed support for the NAO Challenge and shared its aims.

You will soon find on this site the various contributions published individually, with the text in English and Italian.

In the link, the NAO CHallenge 2021 Presentation Guests, Museum Directors, and Experts.



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