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Erasmus plus EARLY project: partners’ meeting in Riga (Latvia)

The final meeting of the EARLY (Distance Learning Model Reinforced with Robotics for 3-7 Years Old Children) project partners takes place in Riga (Latvia) on 11 and 12 June 2044.

The project developed a methodology, a Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Lesson Videos and much more material on distance learning for 3-7 year old children supported by educational robotics).

All material can be found on the project website here

The direct participants were students of Education Sciences planning to be preschool teachers. They followed online courses held by School of Robotics trainers and used the project resources in their pilot workshops with pre-school children.

The meeting in Riga has as its agenda the discussion on the presentation and dissemination events of the EARLY results, including the one in Italy that will take place in Genoa, on 21 June 2024 (to register, here) to which teachers, students and families are invited.

The project ends in August 2024. All documentation will be on the EARLY website

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