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Algolittle Manual available here

The ALGOLITTLE project is a European Erasmus+ KA2 project that aims to produce  some tools, manuals, and good practices to develop algorithmic thinking skills in preschool children. The project will develop a curriculum for the Departments of Education and Primary Education, and teaching materials for early childhood education.

An algorithm is a series of steps, of actions that, when performed, lead to the solution of a problem. Algorithmic thinking (PA) presupposes the use of algorithms, then the solution through simplification, abstraction, reduction, execution in steps, of actions problems that lead to the solution of problems, whether these are of a computer science nature, scientific as well as real life. This is a logical and rational way of thinking, which allows us to face challenges and problems with reason.

The project partners are:

University of Izmir, Turkey (Coordinator)
School of Robotics, Italy
University of Maribor, Slovenia
University of Rijeka, Croatia
EduCloud Ed-Tech, Turkey
Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Portugal

We present here the Algolittle Manual, which you could download from here: your email.

It is a collection of activities that have been proposed by a group of teachers, or experts in the field of early childhood education, who participated in the Italian workshop launching the ALGOLITTLE project. During the workshop we discussed algorithmic thinking and its development in kindergarten.

We asked the participants to produce short proposals of activities, implemented by them or considered feasible, to support the teaching of algorithmic thinking in early childhood. These proposals have been collected in this document and are presented, as proposed by the teachers or sometimes slightly adapted for editorial purposes, in alphabetical order.

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