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Free registration to No Gender Gap courses is now open!

Free enrolment to No Gender Gap courses is now open!

Everyone can register here:

No gender Gap! is the KA2 project co-financed by the Erasmus + program and with the objectives of developing a methodology and an educational platform dedicated to girls and women in difficult situations to support their technical-scientific learning.

Partners of the project are the Spanish association Building Bridges (lead partner), School of Robotics, the German non-profit organization Weltgewandt, the Dutch International Labour Association, and the Portuguese company Previform.

The project website:

In August the platforms containing the STEM courses, and in particular educational robotics, were published. The courses are in English and in partners’ languages.

To access the platform in the Italian language here:

The page requires only the subscription with your email and confirm the subscription.

The course topics are listed below and include many exercises that can be done with a simple Arduino kit.

Course topics of No Gender Gap! here below

Module 1: Robotics

  • History of Robotics
    What is a robot?
    What does robotics mean?
    Robotics everywhere?
    Robot(ics) and Genre: Where do we stand?
    Women in Science: Prehistory
    Women in Science: Ancient Times
    Women in Science: Middle Ages
    Quiz module 1
    Let’s discuss it!
    Topic Discussion

Module 2: Robotics Components

  • What is electricity?
    What is voltage
    What is current
    What is resistance
    The law of Ohm
    What is the circuit?
    What is a short circuit?
    What is a soft circuit?
    Circuit elements
    Circuit elements
    Practical Activities – Soft Circuits
    LED and batteries
    Electrical connections
    Explanation of the circuit
    Practical Exercise (Scribbling Machine)
    Quiz Module 2
    Women in Science: Electricity
    Let’s discuss it!

Module 3: Robotics Components I

  • What is a controller? What does automatic control mean?
    What is an open loop system?
    Systems with feedback (closed loop)
    What is a sensor?
    What is a controller?
    What is a program?
    What does programming mean?
    What is an actuator?
    A lesson in mechanics
    Quiz Module 3
    Women in Science: Electronics
    Women in Science: Robotics
    Let’s discuss it!

Module 4: Introduction to programming

  • Scratch – Introduction
    Scratch – Sprites
    Design your mongoliferia!
    Draw your background environment
    Scratch – Entity
    Scratch – First program
    Scratch – Movements
    Scratch – Events
    Scratch – Properties
    Explore the properties of sprites
    Scratch – iterations
    Scratch – Conditions
    Assemble the whole
    Women in Science: Coding
    Women in Science: Coding – Ada Lovelace
    Let’s discuss it!

Module 5: Know the robotics kit and morse code

  • Introduction to the lesson
    Let’s build the lamp – An introduction to Arduino
    Installing the program
    First setup
    Make Arduino communicate with Snap!
    Coding – Preliminary activity
    Proposed Exercises
    Coding – Telegraphy I
    Coding – Telegraphy II
    Let’s discuss it!


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