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Inauguration of the new headquarters of the School of Robotics

On 13 December 2023, the new head office of Scuola di Robotica in Genoa was inaugurated, with an event organised with CampuStore, which presented the new InnovaLab, set up in a room of the head office, located in via Balbi 1A.

The new offices of Scuola di Robotica are in the 17th century palace, a wing of Palazzo Cattaneo Adorno.

The day’s programme included several hours dedicated to coding and educational robotics workshops for teachers and, in the afternoon, a conference presenting the new spaces equipped with many educational technologies.   The conference, opened by Emanuele Micheli, President of Scuola di Robotica, was attended by CampuStore colleagues Pierluigi Lanzarini, Lisa Lanzarini and Alessandro Ferro, who presented the InnovaLab.

The Councillor for Education of the Municipality of Genoa, Marta Brusoni, and Monica Cavallini of Scuola Digitale Liguria described the joint activities of the Municipality and the Region for innovation in didactics.

Many friends and colleagues from Scuola di Robotica came to visit us from all over Italy, a moment of great joy and expectation.


The InnovaLab CampuStore, the newly conceived educational space designed by the Italian company as a reference point for schools in Bassano del Grappa, and officially recognised by European Schoolnet as an authorised member of the Future Classroom Lab network, will now also be available in a second location, in Genoa, designed and created to support and reach all schools in north-western Italy.

The InnovaLab CampuStore, is an original Italian concept, developed by CampuStore, which combines an innovative rethinking of educational spaces with the best technologies to make them more accessible, inclusive and above all suitable for promoting authentic, experiential and collaborative learning. The basis of the InnovaLab CampuStore and the first example of its realisation was born already years ago in Bassano del Grappa, and it is this initial space that is now published on the Future Classroom Labs (FCL) website of European School Net, as part of the network of innovative laboratories and learning spaces recognised in many countries around the world.
This concept and idea can be accessed now also at Scuola di Robotica in Genoa.

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