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“Io Do Una Mano” Society (“I Lend A Hand”) at AISP conference in Genoa

The Association Io Do Una Mano (I Lend A Hand) presents some of its activities at the conference of AISP (Italian Association of Poland Syndrome), on Friday 1 April 2022 in the conference room of the Simon Boccanegra Castle, San Martino Polyclinic Hospital in Genoa, Italy.

Io Do Una Mano is a non-profit association, whose founders include Scuola di Robotica, which aims to help children and young people with disabilities in the upper limbs by creating, through 3D printing, and distributing free, customised aids, thus promoting accessibility and inclusion. The Association also aims to help people with upper limb impairments to accept their differences and appreciate the strengths that exist and develop even in fragility.

Io Do Una Mano organises, through a network of makers specialised in 3D printing techniques, the creation and free distribution of personalised devices that accompany the early stages of growth of people with agenesia and increase the acceptability of these mechanical aids and their technological developments from childhood onwards.

Madlab 2.0 is the official Maker of Io Ti Do Una Mano.

You can follow the event in live streaming on the AISP Facebook page or following the link:

The conference programme is open to the public.

Here the Conference Program


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