Mare in 3DScuola di Robotica has always dreamed of creating tools to make the study innovative and fun and often we have done it with robots and technology. In recent years, however, the seriousness of the problems caused by the pollution of the sea by plastic has manifested itself in all its magnitude and we decided to ‘dive into the water’ to better understand the causes and consequences of this problem. We made this decision because respect for the sea is fundamental to give a future to our world and technology can help. Thanks to Costa Crociere Foundation we had the opportunity to develop the project ‘Il Mare in 3d’, which aims to recover and recycle through 3d printing the plastic materials dispersed in the environment, and we decided to start from our land, Liguria, to follow this path.  Thanks to our experience we know that, in order to improve the quality of our ecosystem, it is necessary to educate and inform the younger generations about the respect for the sea and for nature in general. To achieve this goal we have created an educational kit that has as its main target the youngest, the adults of tomorrow, but that can be read and used by anyone. We are convinced that knowledge is an excellent tool for understanding, defending and loving nature. Usually we do not respect and we are only afraid of things we do not know enough, such as the sea. We have created this educational kit, available free of charge, to help people learn more about the environment around us. The manual was written by naturalist Zaira Gennaro, under the supervision of marine biologists Andrea Molinari and Paolo Bernat, all three of them with great experience in scientific divulgation, friends of the School of Robotics and representatives of the RSTA cooperative.  At the end of the “marine” part you will also find a chapter written by our Elena Parodi, already author of two books on didactics and technology – Creative Robotics for young technologists, Quinta di Copertina publisher and “How to Makey Makey” ed. Scuola di Robotica -. With Elena we realized the part dedicated to automata made with recycled material. A special thanks goes finally to our designer and graphic designer Lorenzo Pestarino, who gives shape to all our editorial products.

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