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Robotic Olympics: the 120 enrolled teams are working on the projects

The 120 teams enrolled in the Robotics Olympics are in full swing for the preparation of the presentation videos of their project.

The Robotics Olympics are an annual competition promoted by MIUR and managed for the 2020 edition by Scuola di Robotica.

This free competition is dedicated to teams from upper secondary schools and aims to promote, encourage and support the educational potential of robotics with particular reference to STEM subjects. Also for the 2019 – 20 edition, as last year, the main theme will be the environment and the projects presented will have to identify solutions for the improvement of the environmental conditions of our planet. The teams will be able to choose to create robots operating in aquatic, terrestrial or aerial environments.

The 2020 Robotics Olympics will take place in Genoa from 2 to 4 April 2020.

120 teams have registered, from which the Jury will select a maximum of 30 teams to compete in Genoa. The selection will be based on the video that each team will have prepared and sent, in which they will present their project. The evaluation criteria will be focused on the goodness of the project and also on the realization of the video, that is to say, on the effectiveness of the communication.

During the Robotics Olympics School of Robotics will organize courses, workshops and other activities. Consult our website for the Program.

Robotics Olympics website:

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