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School of Robotics is now partner of the Stay Fit project

The Stay Fit project, promoted by the Fondazione Torneo Ravano – Coppa Paolo Mantovani (, was launched during the COVID-19 health emergency born from the need to involve primary school children (9-11 years old) in recreational and fitness activities.

Thanks to the help of parents and teachers, and the active involvement of testimonials from the world of sport, the participating children will perform simple free body exercises while they will be filmed and these videos will be uploaded. Sharing those videos will stimulate them, and other mates, to keep fit at all times. At the end of June 2020, the Foundation will offer the three first prizes dedicated to creativity, constancy, and initiative, but the online activity will remain active throughout the year following their growth path.

Together with the distance motor activity, more and more edutainment workshops are being developed and integrated. Thanks to the main sponsor ERG, the Green 3D Village is taking shape, a virtual laboratory in which schools will contribute to the collective construction of a sustainable Olympic village. The activity will be carried out using Minecraft, the second most widely used video game of all time that allows us to explore and develop three-dimensional worlds using virtual bricks. Over time the videogame has become a didactic tool thanks to its game-based learning capabilities and for this reason, an Edu version dedicated to schools has been released.

“Architecture, Sport, and Sustainability three magic words that do not need explanation. I often refer to my studies of Architecture, they stimulate creativity and develop the ability to design taking into account the importance of proportions. To date I consider this discipline to be one of the most complete. I hope that this educational project may express the ArchiStar of the future” said Ludovica Mantovani, President of the Fondazione Torneo Ravano Coppa Paolo Mantovani.”

School of Robotics is one of the partners of the project.


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