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School of Robotics seminars and activities at Didacta Italy 2023

School of Robotics is participating in Didacta Italy 2023, Firenze, March 8-10, 2023 with various activities and booths in collaboration with CampuStore.

You can find Scuola di Robotica in the workshops and booths we highlight here.

March 8, 2023, 2-3:30 pm The Robotics Championships

The activity organized as a true immersive robotics workshop will allow for the use of the latest technology to understand how participation in the Robotics Championships contest enables all students to be reached in an engaging way. The workshop will include the creation of a small robotics and AI project for the enhancement of cultural heritage. Innovative methodologies such as passion based learning and service learning will also be discussed.

Emanuele Micheli, President School of Robotics
Anna Brancaccio, Head of MIM- DGOSVI
Andrea Denaro, National Referee Referent FIRST LEGO LEAGUE – Fondazione Museo Civico,  Rovereto
Serena Bertolucci, Director Palazzo Ducale Foundation


March 8, 2023, 5 p.m., CampuStore Arena

Blockchain in Education

In this activity we will understand how to introduce and use blockchain in schools’ next generation labs. We will build a model bicycle with the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime kit and understand how blockchain can guarantee the quality of a process and maintain the value of an object over time. We will also introduce the concept of Digital Passport to certify skills. The lab activities will be hands-on and will also allow for hands-on experience with seemingly intangible concepts such as NFT,  cryptocurrency, and smart contracts.


March 8, 2023, 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Coding and Bodies

Digital and educational robotics in preschool. Workshop with small robots. Algorithmic and computational thinking skills can be promoted and developed as early as preschool and kindergarten as they relate to breaking down a problem into parts, proceeding step by step, trying to find the most effective solution, developing logical thinking, spatial orientation, pre-literacy and numeracy skills, and social-emotional skills.

The best method to develop algorithmic thinking is to propose simple games to children that reflect the real problems they encounter in the day. The seminar will propose a methodology for developing algorithmic thinking and computation with both unplugged, that is, without monitors, and with monitors. Games without monitors include fun exercises that develop spatial skills (symmetry, laterality, sense of measurement such as height, depth, etc.), sense of time, cycle and repetition, and branching games with different solutions. Monitor games involve the use of small, easy-to-use robots such as Blue Bot and mTiny.

The workshop will be completely laboratory-based, with participants working as in a. flipped classroom and trying out the games and inventing different ones.

Beatrice Miotti, Indire
Fiorella Operto, Scuola di Robotica


March 9, 2023, 10 a.m., CampuStore Arena
How will we learn in the Metaverse?
Like any technology we will be able to use it actively and passively. In both cases we can detect important components for teaching. The Metaverse will be able to become a place dedicated to education and through various editors a design tool with which to stimulate students to create metaverses useful in the real world.
You can also visit us inside the CampuStore spaces with booths dedicated to Virtuademy projects; ill metaverse in education / Blockchain Lab, / Roboable . We also remind you that you can learn about our projects for School Plan 4.0 within the following link.

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