The NAO robot at Paese Ritrovato: a new “assistant” for the residents of the care facility


NAO robot is a humanoid “in service” at the Paese Ritrovato in Monza, Italy, thanks to a project of the Cooperativa La Meridiana, co-financed by the Bank of Italy, and carried out in collaboration with Scuola Robotica.

Il Paese Ritrovato is a very special place, in Monza, Italy, a village housing and caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease. The NAO robot has been used by the operators of Paese Ritrovato in sessions with residents, for edutainment, play, and cognitive support.

Humanoid robots are employed for assistance, both for entertainment and to support some learning and memory enhancement activities for people with various disabilities.


On April 15, 2021 at 16:30 CET time in an online conference will be presented

the “NAO at the Rediscovered Country” project and the results of the experiments.

Roberto Mauri, director of La Meridiana Cooperative: Il Paese Ritrovato: a place of welcome and care
for people with Alzheimer’s.
Michela Bogliolo, Bioengineer, School Robotics: Recent developments in robotics for assistance.
Claudio Cavaleri Cooperativa La Meridiana: The role of a robot in a care facility.
Andrea Fui, Computer Scientist, School of Robotics: A facilitated use for assistance robots.
Marco Fumagalli Educator Cooperativa La Meridiana: Can a robot help in education?
Filippo Bogliolo, Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Robotics: Learning scenarios with NAO.
Paola Perfetti drama therapist: Some experiences of the residents of Paese Ritrovato with NAO.

To follow the Conference on line

For several years, humanoid robots have been used for assistance, both for fun and also to support some learning and memory enhancement activities of people with various disabilities.
The NAO robot has been used by the operators of Pese Ritrovato in edutainment, play, and cognitive support sessions.
During the conference will be presented some results of the use of NAO during play sessions and memory enhancement.

Among the various care facilities of La Meridiana there is Il Paese Ritrovato,, a village that welcomes people with Alzheimer’s disease. Il Paese Ritrovato, as described by director Roberto Mauri, is “a real place that aims to slow cognitive decline and minimize disabilities in daily life, offering the resident the opportunity to continue to live a rich life appropriate to his or her abilities, desires, and needs”.
The pandemic has seriously challenged the Village’s social life, but the hope is that soon people will be able to come together to resume much of the activities that took place in the town prior to Covid-19. The Rediscovered Village covers an area intended for residential use of 3,360 square meters with an area used for stores and gathering places, with streets, squares, gardens, stores, the theater, the church, the pro loco, and the vegetable garden.

Scuola di Robotica ( is an association, Certified Educational&Training Body, that for 20 years applied robotics and digital technologies to improve the quality of life. School of Robotics programs and employs robots, even humanoid robots in activities to assist and support learning. These robots are used in Special Education, with children with autism spectrum syndrome, and as “assistants” in hospital activities.

Dr. Paola Perfetti (here in the picture below) is a drama therapist at La Meridiana, and the “Paese Ritrovato”.

We asked her to talk about how the residents of the “Paese Ritrovato” have accepted and welcomed NAO robot and the play and learning sessions with NAO.

Here is the text of the interview with Dr. Perfetti. Paola Perfetti_Nao_robot_LabsResults



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