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What about immersive digital technologies in the classroom?

Join our workshop in Genoa, Italy!

You will test two advanced teaching kits free in a of charge workshop that Scuola di Robotica is organising on 17 July, 2023 in its new premises at Via Balbi 1/A in Genoa 3 (the venue is a 6-minute walk from Genoa Piazza Principe railway station).

You will interact with two innovative teaching kits

MOSAIC dedicated to primary and secondary schools

TINALP dedicated to Grade II secondary school

17 July 2023 from 14:00 to 17:00

Via Balbi 1A, Genova, Italy


Discover how to make your next generation classroom more inclusive and immersive
In this workshop you will be able to use the MOSAIC kit developed by FifthIngenium and Scuola di Robotica, an educational  kit for primary and secondary schools.
Participation is free of charge and includes a certificate of attendance.

Are you ready to teach in augmented reality?
In this face-to-face workshop you will experience augmented reality lessons designed by FifthIngenium with the collaboration of Scuola di Robotica.
You will also learn how to implement them in your classroom and how to fit them into your School 4.0 and Next Generation Labs plan!

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